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Where to take a CITY TOUR in Guayaquil, Ecuador


Where to take a CITY TOUR in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Would you like to know more about Guayaquil?

Are you staying, working or a few hours in town?

Make the most of your time and get to know the main points of interest from the most historic part of the city to its most modern vision.

The points we will go through will be:

  • SEMINARIO PARK OR PARK OF THE IGUANAS: This emblematic park of the city is characterized by having a large community of iguanas.
  • GUAYAQUIL CATHEDRAL: Visit the largest religious temple in the city, with its rich history and architecture.
  • MALECON SIMON BOLIVAR OR MALECON 200: We will tour this very important area of the city in which we will appreciate the Guayas River, and several historical buildings of the city.
  • BARRIO LAS PEÑAS: From where the city was founded, we will walk along its cobblestone street, Numa Pompilio Llona and all its art galleries, bars and houses that are heritage of the city.
  • ESCALINATAS DEL CERRO SANTA ANA: We will climb Cerro Santa Ana, on its cusp we will have a 360 degree panoramic view of the city.
  • PUERTO SANTA ANA: This area will give you a glimpse of the modern architecture of the city full of bars and restaurants.


Other points of interest that we could add according to your tastes are:

  • HISTORICAL PARK: It is a route of several kilometers, in a city that is next to Guayaquil, which is called Samborondón where we will tour the fauna and flora of the region, historical architecture and customs of the mountains of the region.
  • PLAZA LAGOS: This complex of restaurants and bars of all kinds of food offerings has a very modern and luxurious architecture providing the ideal place to enjoy lunch or dinner.


We also carry out specialized tours in your tastes and interests:

  • CULTURAL TOUR IN GUAYAQUIL: You will be able to know the main museums of the city and the artistic offer of Guayaquil: galleries, theaters, etc.
  • NIGHTLIFE TOUR: We take you to the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the city depending on your musical tastes and preferences.
  • LGBTI TOUR: If you are a member of the community and do not know where you can attend with your partner for a fun evening we take you and pick you up to the main gay friendly bars, clubs and restaurants  in the city.
  • SHOPPING TOUR: If you want to go on a shopping tour, in our hostel we offer that service and we will give you a tour of the stores depending on what you want to buy.


1 Person:                     $ 35
2 People:                     $ 30 per person
3-4 People:                 $ 25 per person

For groups ask for information

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